American Flowers Week’s botanical art by Ellen Hoverkamp.

Last October, I spent time in Connecticut with my friends Ellen Hoverkamp and Michael Russo and Trout Lily Farm, which Michael owns with Raymond Lennox. It was a lovely evening and we hosted a Slow Flowers Meet-Up of members in the New England area. I also interviewed Michael for the Slow Flowers Podcast and you can listen to that Episode here.

Soon thereafter, a lightbulb went off. I was in the early stages of planning American Flowers Week 2018 and I realized I wanted to commission Ellen to create one of her amazing botanical still-life compositions, which she produces using a method called digital scanning, for our 2018 promotional material.

It was literally days before the first frost in Connecticut, USDA Zone 6b (average minimum temperatures from -5 to 0 degrees F). On October 29th, I sent Ellen this email:

. . . the more I think about it, the more excited I am to think it’s possible to commission you to create a red-white-and-blue floral piece for our American Flowers Week 2018 campaign graphics! Is it too late in the season to glean anything herbaceous from Connecticut?

Two days later, on October 31st, this amazing friend, artist and visionary, translated my vague request into this work of art:

We’re so thrilled that artist Ellen Hoverkamp created a one-of-a-kind American Flowers Week botanical work for our 2018 campaign!

We’ve used this piece of red-white-and-blue floral art in social media and in print. You can read more about Ellen Hoverkamp in this recent profile I wrote about her for Florists’ Review’s June issue, entitled Botanical_Still_Life.


Last week, on June 28, the first day of American Flowers Week, Ellen posted her beautiful imagery on social media. I was thrilled to see it shared with so many. But then, she wowed the Slow Flowers Community with yet another gift.

For the next six days, through today, July 4th, Ellen has created a new work of red-white-and-blue floral art to commemorate American Flowers Week. If you’re not following her on Instagram, you must find her now! @garden_images

Here are the daily pieces that Ellen has created as a gift to #americanflowersweek and the #slowflowers community!

Day Two

Happy #americanflowersweek Day 2! #slowflowers #stillife #tromploeil #ellenhoverkamp #scannerphotography

Day Three

Happy American Flowers week, Day 3! Thank you @butternutgardensflowers for providing the floral ingredients for this image. #americanflowersweek #slowflowers #redwhiteandblue #butternutgardens #flowers #farmerflorist #scannerphotography #ellenhoverkamp

Day Four

Happy #americanflowersweek Day 4! Featuring @troutlilyfarmllc Flowers #scannerphotography #ellenhoverkamp #farmerflorist #slowfloralstyle #slowflowers #americangrownflowers #stilllife #rabbit

Day Five

Happy #americanflowersweek Day 5! #poppies #delicatebalance #scannerphotography #ellenhoverkamp

Day Six

Happy #americanflowersweek Day 6! #slowflowers #americangrown #madeinct #farmerflorist #flowerfarmer #scannerphotography #ellenhoverkamp

Day Seven

Happy 4th of July, which is also the last day of #americanflowersweek My work is made possible through the efforts and kindness of local flower growers. I thank you, my flatbed scanner thanks you!
#slowflowers #americangrownflowers #troutlilyfarmllc #butternutgardensflowers #fourrootfarm #riverviewfarms #bilateralsymmetry #mosaicart #botanical #photography #scannerphotography #ellenhoverkamp

Want More?

If you’re as enchanted as I am with Ellen’s artistry, visit her web site here. You can order fine art archival prints of her botanical compositions, as well as other lovely pieces, such as her hand-made silk scarves, note cards and more.

Thank you, Ellen, from the bottom of my heart! You are a Slow Flowers Hero!