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We’re so excited that editor/publisher Andrew Mefferd invited Slow Flowers’ Debra Prinzing to contribute a story about American Flowers Week in the current June issue.

We hope it inspires his readers to join this pro-local-flowers campaign!

The message:

Join this cost-effective social media campaign to promote your locally-grown blooms

The story begins this way:

American-grown flowers are worth celebrating, so I figured they needed their own holiday. It’s called American Flowers Week. And what better time of year than July 4th, Independence Day, to plan the festivities? For the third consecutive year, American Flowers Week (June 28-July 4) gives flower farmers and their customers endless good reasons for promoting homegrown botanicals.

I come from the world of media, and I know how important having an answer to the “why now?” question can be when persuading writers and editors that a story is timely or relevant. If the news generated by last year’s AFW campaign is any indication, there is indeed media interest in featuring American-grown flowers in newspapers, magazines and blogs, and even on television. Hey, it’s newsworthy!

Special thanks to everyone who shared their support and past experiences for the story, including:

Hillary Alger, Johnny’s Selected Seeds

Melissa Smith, Fraylick Farm and SC Upstate Flowers

Marybeth Wehrung, Stars of the Meadow and Hudson Valley Flower Growers Network

Christie Tarleton, The Farmer’s Florist

Dennis Westphall, Jello Mold Farm

Hedda Brorstrom, Full Bloom Flower Farm

Sarah Pabody, Triple Wren Farms

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