American Flowers Week takes place during June 28-July 4 each year, but we’re celebrating it in December!

Check out this awesome story in the December 2021 issue of GreenProfit, a horticulture industry trade magazine, called “Create this Look.”

Writer Jennifer Polanz asked Carolyn Kulb of Folk Art Flowers to walk her through the steps of creating this magnificent hellebore dress . . . and we hope it inspires nurseries and garden centers to fashion something from their own imaginations with these tips.

Kudos to our entire team for supporting Carolyn’s gorgeous design for the 2021 American Flowers Week campaign!

They include: 
Designer: Carolyn Kulb, Folk Art Flowers,, @folkartflowers
Production support: Pamela Youngsman, PoppyStarts,, @poppystarts  
Model: Tasia Baldwin @_tasiajb
Hair/Makeup: DeLeana Guerrero, Luxe Artistry Seattle @guerrerodelavida_artistry and @luxeartistryseattle
Photography: Missy Palacol,, @missy.palacol
Location: Hyak Sno-Park, Snoqualmie Pass, Washington