Nan Matteson of Queen City Flower Farm created these gorgeous and graphic flatlay color studies during American Flowers Week.

Nan Matteson

Check out these charming images, created by Slow Flowers member Nan Matteson of Cinncinnati-based Queen City Flower Farm. When we saw them, we asked her for permission to post here — and to share the “back story” of her inspiration.

She explains: “I absolutely remember the inspiration with the crayons. I had read that Crayola was discontinuing the color Dandelion Yellow.

“As you are probably aware yellow flowers don’t sell well, which is unfortunate because there are so many gorgeous yellow flowers that never get used for this reason. This thought was the jumping off point for an Instagram post — and crayons had to be in the picture. At the time is was one of my most ‘liked’ posts.”

Yellow was Nan’s original color study — and it inspired her to create red, white and blue color studies with crayons and flowers.

Poor yellow.

It gets no respect. With flowers or crayons. Crayola has announced it is discontinuing Dandelion Yellow, that very first flower a child gives its mother. There are so many gorgeous yellow flowers that are never sold because . . . .  well who know why . . . . but don’t count them out. Look for them this summer. They can be spectacular and won’t disappoint.

Then . . . on to Red, White & Blue . . .

Nan continues, “since I had all these boxes of brand new crayons, it only made sense to do some more. You know, trying to find ways to post that don’t look like everyone else’s pictures.”

We love what she’s done with these eye-catching flat-lays, presenting domestic, local and seasonal blooms with an American Flowers Week message!

And no Independence Day post is complete without FIREWORKS!