Slow Flowers will Commission at least FIVE Floral Couture Looks for our 2019 American Flowers Week Collection.

We’re soliciting proposals from farmer-florist creative teams for this campaign. Consideration will be made for geographic diversity, and for botanical elements not previously featured.

View our past American Flowers Week Collections here:

2016: Passionflower Events Floral Fro

2017: Four Floral Couture Looks

2017: Bonus Look from Babylon Floral

2018: Five Floral Couture Looks

All Floral Couture Looks Must be Completed and Photographed No Later than April 1, 2019 to meet Florists’ Review publishing deadlines. 

Each Team’s Lead Designer and Lead Flower Farmer will receive a 1-year Premium Membership in Slow Flowers and be featured in American Flowers Week 2019 Promotional and Editorial Campaigns in lieu of financial compensation. 

Complete our Application Here!
Application Deadline: September 30, 2018