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Sunflower Gown, Stunning Model, Sublime Setting . . . what else could you ask for?

We’ve just uploaded 2017 American Flowers Week Graphics and collateral images that you can use on social media and for your own marketing projects. Click here to find them all.

Thanks to our amazing designer, Jenny Diaz, for her ongoing creativity! You can learn more about Jenny’s work here. Follow Jenny on Instagram.

Thanks to Amy Kunkel-Patterson of Gather Design Co. (Seattle) for taking on the design challenge of creating a high-fashion sunflower gown!

Thanks to our beautiful model, Kelly Uhlig of Sonshine Flower Farm, a flower farmer who knows how to go glam when she has to!

Thanks to our venue, Everyday Flowers, contributed by flower farmer Vivian Larsen.

Thanks to the farmers of the Seattle Wholesale Growers Market for donating hundreds and hundreds of beautiful, fresh and local sunflowers, rudbeckias, amaranthus and more!

Photography by the very talented Anna Peters and hair/makeup by the artistic Yessie Libby.

More graphics for your many social places:

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Badge for your blog or web site

Post Card