Floral designer and educator Holly Heider Chapple, creator of the Chapel Designers, has something big in store for her first FLOWERSTOCK, which takes place October 17-18 at Hope Flower Farm.

“(I’m) excited to announce that Slow Flowers will be an official sponsor for Flowerstock,” Holly shared on her Instagram feed (@hollychapple). “During the festival we will be creating a top secret floral design on their behalf. This design will be created with all American-grown flowers!”

This is indeed exciting news! The participants of Flowerstock will create one of our five American Flowers Week “Floral Style” fashion shoots featuring an iconic American-grown flower to reflect the robust domestic flower farming community and the spirit of local and seasonal floristry.

In joining forces with American Flowers Week, Flowerstock will be named a Floral Style Sponsor. Images of the Flowerstock Floral Style creation will be included in the 2017 American Flowers Week promotions to media, industry and consumers.

About Flowerstock: Flowerstock is being offered at the rate of $825 and includes demonstrations and installations from Ariella Chezar, Robbie Honey, Naomi De Manana, Holly Chapple, Lisa Waud, Sweetroot Village, Oak and the Owl, Fleur Inc, Southern Blooms and Joseph Massie. This is a festival vibe with live music, glamping tents, food trucks, bonfires, and sundries! Details and tickets can be found here.