To commemorate the 100th episode of the Slow Flowers Podcast, we’re launching a very cool and I believe significant week-long education and outreach campaign that will kick off Monday, June 29th and run through Saturday, July 4th.

Blooming Patriotic!

Blooming Patriotic!

Inspired by British Flowers Week, which was the subject of two podcast episodes earlier this month, the Slow Flowers Podcast and the online directory present AMERICAN FLOWERS WEEK.

Since this is our first year, American Flowers Week will rely on grassroots efforts of everyone who hears about it to spread the news. In future years, we expect to bring more partners into the campaign and spread the news widely throughout the media, industry, and at the consumer level. Please join me – as I always say – in the conversation and in the creative community.

How You Can Get Involved:

Share photos from your flower farm that we can add to the 50 States of American Grown Flowers gallery on Flickr. We will credit and tag your work! Send photos to

Use the #americanflowersweek hashtag, especially during our campaign dates of June 29 through July 4

Stay tuned for more news – coming soon!