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American Flowers Week 2021 with Fetching Social

Floral Palette: Seasonal California-grown flowers. Grown by CamFlor Inc.,, @camflorinc
Designer: Niesha Blancas, Fetching Social Media,, @fetchingsocial
Design Team: Cathy Blancas, Ana Quinata
Models: Jada Cruz, @d3vinetrinity and Gloria Serna @glowstiic
Photographers: Niesha Blancas and Ana Quinata @anaquinata
Venue:  Fresno, California

American Flowers Week 2021 Jenny M. Diaz
American Flowers Week 2021 Jenny M. Diaz

Floral Palette: California-grown flowers and foliages donated by CamFlor Inc.,, @camflorinc
Design: Jenny Diaz, Jenny M. Diaz Design,, @jennymdiaz
Seamstress: Hortensia Lopez
Model: Laura Markle, @mrsthemarkle
Hair: Jenny Diaz
Makeup: Alyson Wolfe, @alysonwolfe
Photographer: Jenny Diaz
Venue:  Shaver Lake, Shaver, California

American Flowers Week 2021 Kelly Shore

Floral palette: California-grown wax flowers from Resendiz Brothers Protea Growers
Designer: Kelly Shore, Petals by the Shore,, @petalsbytheshore
Grower: Mel Resendiz, Resendiz Brothers Protea Growers,, @resendizbrothers
Model: Beatrice Alvarado, @beaaalvarado
Hair/Make-up: Beatrice Alvarado
Photographer: Madeleine Collins, Madeleine Collins Photography,, @madeleinecollinsphoto
Location: Resendiz Brothers farm, Fallbrook, California

Margaret Joan Florals Kilcoyne Lilac Farm American Flowers Week
Margaret Joan Florals Kilcoyne Lilac Farm American Flowers Week
Margaret Joan Florals Kilcoyne Lilac Farm American Flowers Week

Floral Palette: California-grown lilacs from Kilcoyne Lilac Farm,, @kilcoynelilacfarm
Designer: Margaret Lloyd, Margaret Joan Florals,,
Model: Jocelyn Kaylene, @jocelynkaylene
Hair/Makeup: Jocelyn Kaylene
Photography: Lerina Winter, Lerina Winter Photography,, @jocelynkaylene; Danny Miles, Danny Miles Photography, @dannyinthewoods
Location: Kilcoyne Lilac Farm, Acton, California

American Flowers Week with Postal Petals Flower Duet LA and Flowers Without Borders
American Flowers Week Los Angeles Coliseum

Floral Palette: Seasonal California-grown flowers in a yellow, purple, orange, red, green and white range. Grown by CamFlor Inc.,, @camflorinc; Ocean Breeze,, @oceanbreezefarmsca; and Tutuli Flower Farms,
Flower Procurement: Yoni Levenbach, Flowers Without Borders,, @flowerswithoutborders
Design concept: Talia Boone, Postal Petals,, @postalpetals
Production and engineering design: Kit Wertz and Casey Schwartz, Flower Duet,, @flowerduetla
Flower Duet production team: Suhair Alnabulsi and Mandy Hughes
Model: Talia Boone
Hair: Brandy Rice, @Thatchick703
Makeup: Maria Castro, @LuzBeauty
Stylist: James Carroll, @svint.jvmes
Photographer: Randy Schwartz,, @randyschwartzphoto
Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum


American Flowers Week 2021 with Johnny's Selected Seeds
American Flowers Week 2021 Johnny's Selected Seeds

Floral Palette: Maine-grown annual flowers and foliages from Johnny’s Selected Seeds,, @johnnys_seeds
Designer: Hillary Alger, Johnny’s Seeds
Model: Joy Longfellow, Johnny’s Seeds
Hair/Makeup: Joy Longfellow
Photography: Kristen Earley, Johnny’s Seeds
Location: Johnny’s Trial Gardens, Winslow, Maine


American Flowers Showers 2021 April Showers Flowers

Floral Palette: Foraged and gathered woodland elements from a forest in central New Hampshire
Designer: April Holmes, April Showers Flowers,, @aprilshowers_flowers
Seamstress: Winter Morrissey, @bintterr
Model: Winter Morrissey
Hair/Makeup: Winter Morrissey
Photography: Jay Curtis,
Location: Candia, New Hampshire


American Flowers Week 2021 Jennifer Designs

Floral Palette: Spring bulb flowers and bougainvillea
Concept/Floral Design: Jennifer Reed, Jennifer Designs,,  @Jenniferdesignsevents
Collaborating Farm: Jig-Bee Flower Farm, Kensington, Pennsylvania,, @jig_bee
Bougainvillea Plants: Platt’s Farm Market, Clarksboro, New Jersey, @plattsfarmmarket
Hair/Makeup: Jessica Saint Beauty,, @jessicasaintbeauty
Model: Corey Radar, @coreyradar
Photographer: Haley Richter,, @haleyrichterphoto
Venue:  660 Collective, Norristown, Pennsylvania,, @660_collective
Garden Accessories: Terrain,, @shopterrain


Floral Palette: Daffodils and foraged woodland ingredients from Erika’s Fresh Flowers, a cutting garden in coastal Oregon
Designer: Kathleen Barber, Erika’s Fresh Flowers, @erikasfreshflowers
Model: Robert Barber
Photographer: Kathleen Barber, Kathleen Barber Photography,, @kathleenbarberphoto
Venue:  Warrenton, Oregon


Floral Palette: Washington-grown hellebores
Production support: Pamela Youngsman, PoppyStarts,, @poppystarts
Designer: Carolyn Kulb, Folk Art Flowers,, @folkartflowers
Model: Tasia Baldwin @_tasiajb
Hair/Makeup: DeLeana Guerrero, Luxe Artistry Seattle @guerrerodelavida_artistry and @luxeartistryseattle
Photography: Missy Palacol,, @missy.palacol
Location: Hyak Sno-Park, Snoqualmie Pass, Washington

Floral Palette: Domestic U.S.-grown botanicals from Washington, Oregon and California
Creative Concept/Creative Direction: Tammy Myers, LORA Bloom,,
Model: Riva Juarez,, @rivaladiva
b Riva Juarez
Photography: Missy Palacol, Missy Palacol Photography,, @missy.palacol
Collaborating Slow Flowers Society florists: Tammy Myers; Anne Bradfield, Analog Floral, @analog_floral; Maura Whalen, Casablanca Floral, @casablancafloral; Sharlet Driggs, Sharlet Floral, @sharletfloral; and Lori Poliski, Flori,
Other florists: Sophie Strongman, The Old Soul Flower Co., @theoldsoulflowerco and Kristal Hancock, Sublime Stems, @sublimestems
Location: University of Washington Campus, Seattle, Washington


American Flowers Week 2021 Hilltop Community Farm

Floral palette: Wisconsin-grown native perennials, grasses, annuals and fruiting berries
Lead designer/flower farmer: Erin Schneider, Hilltop Community Farm,, @hilltopfarm_flower_fruitlove
Design assistance: Diane Mikonowicz, Rob McClure
Seamstress: Linda Gillen
Model: Aimee Ziegahn
Photographer: Patricia Espedal, Treasure People Photography,, @treasurepeople